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How to Throw a Party to Celebrate Closing on Your New House and Purchasing Homeowner’s Insurance

New House

Have you ever heard that buying a house can be the most stressful time in your life? This is true for many reasons. There are so many variables involved when it comes to purchasing a home. There are a million things you need to be thinking of, and there is no good way to go about any of it to guarantee you will avoid headaches along the way. If you have ever bought a home before, you know one of the stressful factors can be purchasing your home owner’s insurance plan. With all the different options out there, it can feel like as important of a decision as purchasing your actual home. Once you have finally closed on your house, and purchased your homeowner’s insurance, it is time to celebrate! Throwing a party can also be a demanding task if you are not familiar with some of the best practices to help things go smoothly. Below are some tips to make sure you do not forget anything important for the party.

Include a Map with Invitations

When you are sending out invitations to the big event, make sure you include your new address and a map to the property. For those who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood and are used to going to your old home, this can be a great way to remind them where the party is. You could even include a photo of the exterior of the house with the invitations if you think it may be of help in locating the party.

Dress to Impress

This party is not only about showing off your new home it is also about welcoming people into your environment. Since you are the face of the environment, you want to dress the part. Check out A’Gaci to shop for a new party outfit that will highlight your fabulous new home. Depending on the style of your party you can opt for something casual, or an outfit that may be a little fancier, either way make sure you have it picked out in advance so you are not rushing to get everything together at the last minute.

Choose the Right Food

Planning the food for your party should really revolve around … Read the rest...

Is Your Homeowners Insurance A Disaster Waiting To Happen?

It is unpredictable what will happen tomorrow. With the peak of the hurricane season just around the corner, you still have time to take another look at your home insurance policy in other to update it now. For those of us without one, it is wise to overcome procrastination and quickly get a free quote now. Do not wait for a disaster to be on the scale of Hurricane Katrina before you decide whether your homeowner’s insurance policy will take care of your roof or even rebuild your home.

While it is important you take care of the damage to your home; it is equally important you do not forget what you have inside your home. The truth is that we sometimes forget to update our belongings.

Disaster Waiting To Happen

As a homeowner, you must begin to prepare for any disaster today. It is the standard practice that you review your homeowner insurance policy every year and ensure you have adequate coverage for your home, furniture, clothing, electronics, liability and temporary living expenses. You must update your home insurance policy whenever you purchase any costly items, upgrade your home or experience any major improvement in your personal finances. It is in your best interest to protect yourself and family from unmanageable risk by keeping your home insurance coverage up to date.

You must not forget to include your personal belongings in your garage or store.

Confusing replacement cost with cash value

You must realize that the home you bought over seven years ago may well have doubled in market value by now, and will no doubt have an even higher replacement cost due to the increased cost of building materials. If your home insurance is not updated or reviewed, the cover might still be covering the original cost of the property. Based on the real estate market value of your property, the under-insured component of your property would, therefore, be lower.

Selecting a deductible, that is too low

If anything happens to your property in the event of a disaster, you might find yourself receiving an amount to able to reconstruct your property to its present condition. After having some initial repairs made, I was writing a sizeable check … Read the rest...

Voluntary vs. Involuntary Home Insurance loss of Coverage

Voluntary vs. Involuntary Home Insurance loss of Coverage

When it comes to home insurance loss of coverage you get two different types: voluntary and involuntary home insurance coverage. Not many people are aware of the different types of home insurance policies that you can get, and those who do know don’t really know what it basically means. Here is an explanation about this two home insurance loss of coverages.

Voluntary home insurance for loss of coverage

With voluntary home insurance for loss of coverage, the policy holder is choosing to cancel the policy and not to get any cover in the future for any claims.

There are many reasons why people are doing this. But, the most important reason is if the policy holder doesn’t have the money to pay for the insurance premium or if they realize that they don’t want to have insurance with this company anymore. Sometimes, people even decide that this is a waste of money to get an insurance policy for the home and they decide by themselves that they don’t want to use the policy anymore.

Voluntary vs. Involuntary Home Insurance loss of Coverage

Involuntary home insurance for loss of coverage

Involuntary home insurance for loss of coverage is when the spouse is not working anymore and can’t afford to pay for the insurance. This can be a disaster if the spouse or the person who has lost its job can’t pay for insurance coverage anymore.

But, most of these people can make it a bit easier because they might be eligible for QLE. You ca also checkout our top article here. However, it is important to make sure that you are enrolling within the first 30 day after you lose your job.  The employee should be able to provide a COCC form to be able to prove that they are without a job at the moment.

Which one is best?

These two options can be really hard, no matter what. And, the only thing that you need to know is the difference between these two types of home insurance policies.

The facts are that not one of these choices is good, because for choosing voluntary home insurance for loss of coverage, you choose by yourself that you are going to cancel the home insurance premiums and you need to … Read the rest...

Memphis Homeowners Insurance Comparison – What’s Covered?

Memphis Homeowners Insurance

It is important to know what are really covered with the Memphis home insurance companies. There are many people that are unsure about all the things that are covered by a home insurance or what isn’t covered by home insurance. Here are a couple of things that you need to know about the things that are covered by the Memphis home insurance companies:

Property damage

The most common and popular thing that is covered by any home insurance company is property damage. This normally includes any damage that was caused by fire, rain or hail. This home insurance basically covering everything that can happen in and around your home that has damaged your home.

Then there are some home insurance companies that are covering homes in severe storms like tornados, earthquakes and floods. If you are not sure whether your home insurance company covers these natural disasters or not, you should ask them before you sign any policy contract. This isn’t normally included with the property damage. The more different types of property damage your insurance is going to cover, the better it will be for you and your family.

Memphis Homeowners Insurance

Inside your home

There are also some Memphis home insurance companies that are able to insure everything that you have inside your home. If you are giving them a list and an estimate of what the stuff in your home is worth. It can include everything from your furniture to your television and computers that you might have in your home. As long as it is in the list that the home insurance company has. Check out this guide on Memphis home insurance for a more detailed explanation.

Then, when you have break ins or flood in your home, you will be able to replace the stuff that you have lost. This is why most people have home insurance. To be able to claim for loss of stuff inside the home because of various reasons. You should make sure that you are able to get the right policy that is going to cover these things with the property damage cover.

Personal liability

This is also something that you can get from buying home insurance from a great company. With personal … Read the rest...

Basic understanding of Homeowner’s Insurance

Basic understanding of Insurance

We don’t always understand and know everything about home insurance like the way that we should. It is really important to make sure that you know as much as possible, to be able to know what home insurance to actually choose for you and your family. Here are some things that you should know about understanding the homeowner’s insurance:

Knowing your company before signing any contract

Many people make a big mistake by signing with a company, before they are actually make sure that this is the best contract for them. There are too many companies out there that are not really known as the best companies with the best home insurance policies.

And, because people don’t really know and understand this type of insurance, they don’t make the right choices. This is why it is important to know all aspects about the insurance policy and package to be able to make the right decision.

Basic understanding of Homeowner's Insurance

What are replacement costs?

One of the terms that you should know about, is replacement costs. You will hear this word a lot when you are getting quotes for home insurance. But, not many people really know what this term really means.

What the insurance companies mean by the phrase “replacement costs” they are actually the amount of money that the insurance company was going to pay out to the policy holder when a claim was approved. The amount of money that you are going to get as the replacement costs, are limited to the amount agreed on the policy contract.

The meaning of the phrase actual cash value

There are too many people that don’t know what this phrase means “actual cash value”. And, because they don’t understand this meaning correctly, they will have a chance to choose the wrong policy with the least amount of benefits.

The meaning of the phrase “actual cash value” means the value of your home to be able to replace the home, after the deducting the depreciation costs for age and use. You can also checkout this website for more information. Some companies are calculating this depreciation cost incorrectly and then the replacement costs are going to much higher than what it should be. This can really … Read the rest...

Are You Too Young to Purchase Home Insurance?

One of the things that younger people struggle with is, whether or not they should buy home insurance. Many of the younger generation don’t have the money for paying home insurance, and some are even just don’t think about what can really happen with a home, if you aren’t insured. Here are some things to consider when you’re young and think that home insurance is unnecessary.

Are you ever too young to have home insurance?

The question that most young people are asking; is if there is an age where you need to buy home insurance? So many of the younger generation think that owning home insurance isn’t a priority and that they are way too young to worry about having insurance.

The answer is a quick and easy no. No, you are never too young to have home insurance. A disaster doesn’t ask for age, and it doesn’t ask if you have insurance or not.


If you own a home you should own home insurance

If you are old enough to be able to own a home, then you should know that you should be old enough to be able to have home insurance. We don’t know when disaster is going to strike, and you don’t know how much you are going to pay for repairing or even replacing your home.

If you don’t have insurance for your home, you are going to in lots of trouble when something happens to your home. It can be really stupid to own a home, but not even think about the home insurance. Age isn’t a factor when it comes to buying a home and having insurance to pay for the home when disaster is striking.

Struggling finding money for installments?

We all know that when you are young, money is really an issue. And, if you are owning a home, it might be even harder to find enough money for every expense that you might have at the end of the month.

And, if you should choose between buying food and paying your insurance premiums, you are going to choose buying food. However, did you ever think about what is going to happen when you don’t … Read the rest...