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When it comes to home insurance loss of coverage you get two different types: voluntary and involuntary home insurance coverage. Not many people are aware of the different types of home insurance policies that you can get, and those who do know don’t really know what it basically means. Here is an explanation about this two home insurance loss of coverages.

Voluntary home insurance for loss of coverage

With voluntary home insurance for loss of coverage, the policy holder is choosing to cancel the policy and not to get any cover in the future for any claims.

There are many reasons why people are doing this. But, the most important reason is if the policy holder doesn’t have the money to pay for the insurance premium or if they realize that they don’t want to have insurance with this company anymore. Sometimes, people even decide that this is a waste of money to get an insurance policy for the home and they decide by themselves that they don’t want to use the policy anymore.

Involuntary home insurance for loss of coverage

Involuntary home insurance for loss of coverage is when the spouse is not working anymore and can’t afford to pay for the insurance. This can be a disaster if the spouse or the person who has lost its job can’t pay for insurance coverage anymore.

But, most of these people can make it a bit easier because they might be eligible for QLE. However, it is important to make sure that you are enrolling within the first 30 day after you lose your job.  The employee should be able to provide a COCC form to be able to prove that they are without a job at the moment.